Pompano Beach - Florida
January 6
February 12, 2010

Great day spent at South Beach.

In front of Versace's Miami home .... today an exclusive restaurant.
Luis and Rosa surprised us at the condo as we had just arrived from dinning out.
They were leaving the following day on a cruise to the Caribbean.
 Visiting Michael and Elizabeth and their family in Orlando.
 That's Anthony ....
 Grandpa showing the pictures he just took of Anthony and Ava.
 Back in Pompano .... lobster day!
 What else ... their favorite entertainment!
 Doing this in January ... what a bonus! 
(Taken in front of the condo.)
 The new look ....
 Even with a few cool days .... the pool was always 84 degrees (29C).
Iolanda at her balcony ...
Avó's balcony is the third from the bottom, on the left side ....
... the one right in front of the American flag.
Saturday ... around 5:20 
There goes the Oasis of the Seas on its way to the Caribbean.
(Photo taken from the balcony.)


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