Stella's Graduation

From Hope High School


1963 - 2006
 Complete Collection
 of all the pictures
I have scanned.

Not all the pics are the
same size. that's why some will not fill each frame.

These pictures are more or less
in chronological order.

The following pics were taken
during the Leites' trip to Portugal
in 1964.

Preparing for Biota's arrival
from Angola.

Renato and Biota's
Wedding Day

Who would guess what was
about to happen ...
(August 1964)

  Saying goodbye ....

John's 1st Christmas in USA - 1964


The big day ...

June 26, 1965

Visiting the World's Fair
New York City.

Our room while living at Governor St.

Luis's 1st visit to the USA

Michelle was born on July 3, 1967.

So ended our life at

Govern Street


During the Summer

we found an appartment

at Eudora St.


I was a Sophomore
Providence College

Our appartment was near

Rhode Island Hospital,

where I used to work

from 5:30 to 11:00 PM,

after coming from classes at PC.

(No car untill my Senior Year)

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